We’ve been wearing travel pillows wrong this whole time, says TikToker

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A man on TikTok claims that it took him until his thirties to realise that he had been wearing travel pillows “wrong”.

Sidney Raz (@sidneyraz), from Los Angeles, demonstrates in a short social media clip how he used to wear the U-shaped pillow popular with air passengers.

He places the curved part of the pillow behind the back of his neck, the way it’s typically worn.

Sidney then turns it around so his chin is resting on it, and says: “Travel pillows go in front. I’m so comfy … You can actually sleep on a flight.”

The US=based social media user shared the tip as part of a series of “things he wished he knew before he reached his 30s”.

Sidney Raz has a popular series about things he says he wishes he’d known before his 30s (@Sidneyraz/TikTok) © Provided by The Independent Sidney Raz has a popular series about things he says he wishes he’d known before his 30s (@Sidneyraz/TikTok)

The debate on how to wear the U-shaped pillows has proved so popular that he covered it twice.

His first video on the subject received more than 5.6 million likes on the platform, while the second received more than 134,000 likes.

His claim about how much more comfortable it is for him to wear the pillow his “new” way has been met with mixed reactions, as shown by the comments section of the second video.

Some TikTok users were glad to hear about the tip, some said wearing the pillow that way was “uncomfortable”, while others said that they believed it was designed to be worn either way.

One of them said: “No they actually go both ways, but designed to go on the back.”

Another commenter wrote: “I tried this but it was just uncomfortable.”

A TikToker said: “I learned this about 5 years ago when anyone who had a neck pillow on my plane home had them this way. Tried it and have never gone back, love it.”

Another jokingly dismissed the use of them altogether by saying: “Wrong. Travel pillows are to buy and have float around your house then you forget they exist come travel time!”

TikTok is a hotbed of sneaky travel tips aimed at budget travellers, from how to cram extra clothes into your small cabin-bag allowance, to how to book the cheapest flights online.

Last week a video went viral after one woman shared her tip for getting around the 100ml liquids limit for hand luggage; another user revealed her technique to bagging a completely free luxury holiday.

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