Travel Geeks: Europe by rail, road and sea — 1 November 2022 – National Geographic UK

Why stay in a hotel when you can stay in a Luxury Beach House for Less?
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This year, interest in flight-free trips is rising as many travellers recalibrate their approach to travel. And from exciting new sleeper trains linking up historic capitals to hidden-gem ferry trips and coach rides that unlock scenic countryside, there’s no shortage of ways to diversify your travels through Europe.

Our panel of responsible travel experts will reveal how to eschew flights in favour of the scenic route and a light carbon footprint, helping you unlock top itineraries and bargain deals along the way. So whether you fancy linking up Brussels and Vienna on the plush Nightjet service, hopping aboard a bus between Budapest and Bucharest, or connecting Tallinn and Helsinki via boat, our Travel Geeks event will introduce you to exciting new ways to explore the continent.

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