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Summer months are a popular time for people to go away

School’s out, summer is here and it’s a popular time for people to travel.

Many will be visiting friends and family or holidaying in the UK this year, while others will be travelling abroad over the next few weeks.

However, we’ve seen some big travel disruptions which could affect some people’s plans this season.

There have been rail strikes in recent weeks, which have led to train journeys being cancelled and people having to find alternative ways to reach their destinations.

More strikes are due to take place throughout August.

It’s not just people travelling by train and tube that have been, or will be, affected by travel disruptions.

Passengers flying to other countries have been facing long queues at airports, delayed flights and even cancellations. Staff shortages and trouble airlines are facing in coping with the demand this summer have been linked to the disruptions.

Holidaymakers travelling to France by car have also been impacted by disruptions recently. There were huge queues over the weekend, with people facing delays of up to seven hours.

With all the travel disruptions going on, some of you may be thinking about what this could mean for your summer plans.

We’ll be hearing from travel expert Phoebe Smith who will be answering some of your questions about this.

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