Have your say! Survey launched to get residents’ views on transport issues in Wrexham – The Leader

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Wrexham’s MP is asking constituents for their view on travel issues as she looks to address concerns over transport in the city. 

Sarah Atherton has launched a survey, from which she is hoping to get a wider understanding of transport issues faced by her constituents. 

Over recent months Ms Atherton has been inundated with concerns regarding the conditions of roads in and around Wrexham, as well as a lack of taxi services. 

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She is also made aware of train service issues including late cancellations of trains from Wrexham to Chester. 

After Wrexham gained city status earlier this year, Ms Atherton is wanting to ensure the transport facilities are up to the level they should be. 

She said: “Now Wrexham is a city, transport, and connectivity within Wrexham, across Wales and cross-border has never been more important.

“We need to fully grasp the opportunities that are coming our way and capitalise on Wrexham’s new status by meeting the transport needs of residents, local businesses, and tourists.

“For months, I have been immersed in discussions calling for better and more regular rail services from Wrexham General Station to London, Liverpool, and Chester. I have also heard cases of difficulty getting taxis.

“Drivers have huge problems across Wrexham with the roads, especially potholes. However, most importantly, I need to know what constituents think and this is why I am launching this transport survey.

“Together, we can make sure that Wrexham has a transport structure to operate like the capital of North Wales. But, to get the ball rolling, I need to hear from you.”

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Wrexham’s MP has also held a survey regarding the new 20mph speed limit set to be introduced by Welsh Government

In her responses, 94% of people who responded voted against the decision to implement the new speed limits. 

To access Sarah Atherton’s survey and to give your opinion on transport in and around Wrexham, visit https://www.sarahatherton.org.uk/transport-survey

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