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All Covid travel restrictions have been lifted in France, opening the gates to restrction-free travel.

From August 1, all international travellers will be able to enter France without meeting any pandemic requirements.

It means holidaymakers are no longer required to present proof of vaccination, submit forms justifying their travel, or provide negative Covid test results.

However, the French government maintains the power to enact ’emergency brake’ measures until January 21, 2023 for possible restrictions that could last as long as two months.

A statement from the Interior Ministry announced the move. It said: “Faced with the new phase of the pandemic, the border health control system is lifted, in accordance with the law putting an end to the exceptional regimes created to fight against the epidemic linked to COVID-19.”

Covid restrictions could return under ’emergency brake’ measures if a new variant could become a serious health threat, or if health systems could be overwhelmed internationally.

Eiffel tower, view from Trocadero park over fountain. People making their evening promenade around fountain. Eiffel tower is famous symbol of Paris city and France. Sunset scenery, epic dramatic sky.
Holidaymakers going to France won’t face Covid restrictions (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“The government retains until 21 January 2023 the possibility of activating ’emergency brake’ measures for a maximum period of two months, after consulting the high authority for health in the event of an appearance and circulation of a new variant of COVID-19 likely to constitute a serious health threat or, in overseas territories, in the event of a risk of saturation of the health system.”

New Zealand made a similar move this month when it fully reopened to travel for the first time – albeit with testing and vaccination requirements.

Portugal lifted all Covid travel rules in July, but an official recently warned that restrictions could be introduced this autumn. The country has extended the ‘state of alert’ to July 31.

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