Extreme weather leads to weekend travel chaos

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1659827969416 Nn Pth Extreme Weather Flight Cancellations 220806 1920x1080 Wrgtdp, bestusaplaces.com
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    1659827969416 Nn Pth Extreme Weather Flight Cancellations 220806 1920x1080 Wrgtdp, bestusaplaces.com

    Extreme weather leads to weekend travel chaos



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Another 4,000 flights delays and cancellations were recorded just today, piling onto the more than 10,000 disruptions yesterday. New Hampshire was hit with a fast-moving storm damaging homes, while historic rainfalls in Death Valley, California, stranded a thousand people in the park. Overnight, lightning struck a fuel storage tank in Cuba, causing a massive fire to explode and spread to a second tank. Nearly 80 people were hospitalized in that incident. This comes as Kentucky, still reeling from last week’s devastating floods, gets hit again with another two to three inches of rain. To top it off, 73 million Americans are under heat alerts, with Omaha, Tampa, and El Paso bracing for record-breaking temperatures.

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