Ex-Hull KR star reveals he was inches away from retirement as he opens up on devastating injury

Former Hull FC and Hull KR hooker Josh Hodgson has been one of the best number nines in the NRL for some time.

He played with the Canberra Raiders in a Grand Final in 2019 and even captained the side.

Set to join last year’s Grand Finalists Parramatta Eels, Hodgson was struck with another horror acl injury which spelt the end of his chances at playing for England in the Rugby League World Cup and came very close to retiring.

“The easy road would’ve been to retire,” Hodgson said to the Daily Telegraph.

“At 33 after my third knee people would’ve pulled the pin, getting a pay out to sit on the beach and drink a beer instead of working your arse off.

“I want to win. A person that has that hunger is more dangerous than someone who wants to take the easy way out.”

He also revealed that he was unsure on what would happen.

“I didn’t have a clue if they’d let me keep playing,” Hodgson said.

“It was the first time I’d done it twice on the same knee. They said I was within my rights to retire. I knew diligence and hard work would get me back. There’s no secret.”

However, as the Eels got ready to take on Hodgson for 2023, their boss Brad Arthur kept an eye on the former Hull KR man.

“Brad got in touch to check in on me and to see how I was going,” Hodgson. “The Eels were really good.

“Canberra really looked after me. I could’ve kicked stones and moped around knowing I was leaving but I loved the club and I really wanted them to go all the way and I wanted to help in any capacity.

“Sometimes that was catching the ball for extras or having my say in the game plan. It was a long and frustrating year.”

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