12 Coldest Cities in the United States

12 coldest cities in the United States
Learn about the ten coldest U.S. cities in this video. Although -45 degrees Fahrenheit and more than 60 inches of snow annually may seem like a fairytale setting in the movies, for many cities this is the reality for half the year. These areas are some of the coldest in the country. If you are planning a trip to the United States, you should be aware of these cities that have dangerously low temperatures. Also covered are the ten states in the United States where annual temperatures are typically the warmest.

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Snow-covered streets chimney smoke and Families gathered to celebrate the Eagerly awaited winter holidays with Christmas are the classic images of Winter however since many people Anticipate a good winter it can be Challenging to track weather trends in a Large country like the United States Where the weather varies greatly from Region to region here are the top 12 Coldest cities in the United States Number 12 Sault Ste Marie this city Which is also the coldest in the midwest Coldest in the United States there are Around 177 days throughout the year when The low temperature at night drops below Freezing with January through December Being the months that are the most Challenging owing to the severe weather It is without a doubt one of the coldest Cities in the United States with a low Temperature of -36 degrees fahrenheit as It has a population of 14 048 people and Receives an average of 118.3 inches of Snowfall each year number 11 Sheridan Sheridan is located in close proximity To both Central Park and the illustrious Mount Rushmore National Memorial the Climate of the city can be described as Semi-arid with bitterly cold Winters an Average annual snowfall of 73.1 inches And a temperature that has never risen Above minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit number 10 Aberdeen South Dakota despite the

Fact that Aberdeen is without a doubt One of the coldest locations in the United States this year it boasts a Surprising number of excellent local Movers having said that it is likely Necessary for them to be competent in Their work as a result of the city's Location it comes in at number three on Our list of the cities that experience The lowest average temperatures because There are no trees or mountains in the City to impede the brisk winds that blow Down from Canada the temperature in this City is far lower than it would normally Be for a city located in this region due To its position the city experiences Extended periods of extreme cold weather With a wintertime minimum average Temperature of minus 16 degrees Celsius The average annual snowfall is 38.4 Inches and the lowest recorded Temperature is minus 46 degrees Fahrenheit since they are not hindered By mountains and trees the brisk winds From Canada may move Number nine Bismarck North Dakota North Dakota's Burley County where Bismarck is Located has the coldest winters and Autumns of any County on the U.S Continent as the most northern state in The midwest North Dakota experiences Extremely harsh Winters in addition Readings of minus 44 degrees Fahrenheit Have been made it's interesting to note

That throughout the winter and fall Months the state of North Dakota is the Coolest Mainland County in the entire United States throughout the course of For using our list you will come across The names of a few additional cities Located within the county number eight Duluth Minnesota this year Duluth is not Only one of the cities in the United States that has the coldest temperatures On average but it is also one of the Places that have the most severe weather The city of Duluth experiences Winters That are frequently exceedingly Prolonged and very snowy in addition the Professionals at movers develop element Are quick to point out that this just Makes it more challenging for competent Moving companies to perform their Responsibilities effectively the snow Ads a whole new level of complexity Which is especially problematic when Coupled with the low temperatures of the City which enable the snow to accumulate To a significant degree the city is also Known as the air-conditioned City since Lake Superior provides a cooling effect Even in the summer this town's lowest Recorded temperature is minus 39 degrees Fahrenheit number 7 Fargo North Dakota In spite of the cold weather Fargo is a City that exudes a lot of character it's Not simply because it's one of the Coldest cities in the United States that

Fargo is famous it is also well known For being the largest city in the world To have a local climate that is Extremely cold movers are definitely Included in the group of persons that Are required to labor outside throughout The winter months while yet doing their Best to stay warm in order to ensure That the city continues to function Properly the population of the city Ensures that there's no shortage of Opportunities in the moving industry Whitlows as low as minus 39 degrees Fahrenheit this town is the coldest city In the U.S number six Grand Forks North Dakota the City of Grand Forks is Located in North Dakota and is yet Another place on our list that is of a Sizable population this demonstrates Just how difficult of a time it can be To live in a county during the winter You can quickly access the difference in Rates between warm and cold months by Using an online moving quotation Calculator this is especially Significant in Grand Forks because the Near Arctic winds that the city suffers From making it very uncomfortable to Function for everyone the town is the Coldest in North Dakota and has one of The third lowest temperatures at minus 43 degrees Fahrenheit number five Huron South Dakota to tell you the truth You're on squeaked its way onto a list

Of one of the coldest cities in the United States of America for this year By the skin of its teeth it Unquestionably endures at times some Quite severe weather conditions on the Other hand it can be broken up by days That are relatively warm which makes the Local climate quite bearable the Bitterly cold days are without a doubt Still very challenging to endure the Coldest temperature ever measured during The winter was minus 43 degrees Fahrenheit number four Marquette Michigan another city that has a Significant amount of snowfall over the Winter months is this one the fact that The city is situated on the beaches of Lake Superior make matters even more Difficult because the Lake's impact Makes it possible for the cold weather And snow to resist for a longer period Of time than the otherwise would the Presence of water does not have the Effect of making the weather a little Bit warmer which means that the Temperatures almost never reach their Extremes that they do in the other Cities on our list this is one of the Positive aspects of having water around On top of that after the difficult Winter months are over all of the Waterside activities that this position Makes possible offer an incredible Outlet to distress and recharge the

Population of barely 21 697 people indicate that life might be Difficult in the city which has Experienced temperatures as low as -34 Degrees Fahrenheit number three Saint Cloud Minnesota honor rankings of Coldest cities in the United States Saint Cloud comes in as one of the more Interesting entries in light of the fact That the city's winter months can be so Severe this feature is undeniably Deserving of its existence However the Fact that it is a continental climate Adds a unique twist to the story in Particular the city might also be able To make it onto a list of the warmest Cities in the states the high levels of Humidity that the city experiences Throughout the summer contribute to the Relatively unfavorable working Conditions the coldest day ever recorded In Saint Cloud Minnesota was January 9 1977 with a low of minus 43 degrees Fahrenheit number two Williston North Dakota even though temperatures in Williston are generally mild throughout The year the coldest part of the year Begins around the beginning of September And continues all the way through the Month of May at this time the cold does Not get quite as severe as it would for Example in Fairbanks however it is not The kind of setting in which you would Want to spend a significant amount of

Time carrying big things this time of Year this city is also seeing Temperatures that are almost as cold as Bismarck therefore if you're going to be Working as an employee for a moving Company during these months you should Ensure that you wear a lot of layers and Bring a warm drink with you the city has A moderate climate overall how however The months of September true May are Bitterly cold Williston which is one of The oldest cities in the United States Is known for having a challenging winter Season with an average temperature of Minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit it is the City of the United States that records The second lowest temperature number one Fairbanks Alaska even though it's Freezing in Fairbanks the countryside Around the city is very attractive it Should not come as a surprise that Anchorage which is located in the state Of Alaska is one of the coldest cities In the United States in the month of January the average low temperature in Fairbanks was a cold minus 16 degrees Fahrenheit with an overall average Temperature of 3 degrees Fahrenheit the Month of January had a mean temperature Of -7 degrees Fahrenheit which was a Result of extremely cold days and nights If you like statistics you might find it Interesting to learn that the Temperature that has ever been recorded

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