Christmas trees see a price hike this holiday season

As Christmas approaches, people are starting to buy Christmas trees and it will not be without a hike in price compared to years previous.

“One of the big expenses right now is the gas expense, to go back and fourth with gas being around $173.9 right now,” said Bill Copeman of Copeman Christmas Trees.

“Price has gone up a little bit on the trees, because of our costs. It’s gone up about 10 to 12 percent just to cover wages, those have doubled in the last three to four years.”

With a variety of trees out there, smaller trees have become popular, saving people both space and money.

“We have thinner trees, but we also have table top trees. We’re seeing people are opting to go to table top trees as well,” said the executive director of the Canadian Christmas Tree Association, Shirley Brennan.

“It’s not so much the farmers changing their ways, it’s demand that’s changing it.”

For more information on where Copeman Christmas Trees will be sold this holiday season, visit their Facebook page.

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