how this woman is slaying it in the whisky world

How This Woman Is Slaying It In The Whisky World

Besides her position at The Fife Arms Hotel, Fennema is also a consultant for the Edinburgh Whisky Academy and co-owner of Braemar Highland Experience, where she introduces guests to the history, folklore and nature of Scotland on luxury bespoke guided…

life lessons from a flight attendant turned silicon valley ceo

Life Lessons From A Flight Attendant Turned Silicon Valley CEO

Casto originally came to the as a Filipino immigrant with no college degree and tapped into her skills as a former Philippine Airlines flight attendant to create Casto Travel, which became the largest privately owned travel management agency on…

holiday travel 2021 tips on travel insurance airlines and more

Holiday Travel 2021: Tips On Travel Insurance, Airlines And More

Arrive at the airport of all Thanksgiving travelers will be taking to the skies on Tuesday and Wednesday, so expect lines at “Arriving at the airport two hours early is usually the gold standard, but this year I…

the most stressed out state in america will surprise you

The Most Stressed Out State In America Will Surprise You

“Stress is a serious factor that can greatly affect someone’s health and way of life, with the current pandemic only heightening levels,” says April Mayer of “It is very interesting to see which states are ranking as the most and…

this ceos secret to success become a conscious hustler

This CEO’s Secret To Success: Become A Conscious Hustler

“Being a conscious hustler is about the alignment of your intention, ambition and pursuit of excellence,” says “I realized that the kind of human, the kind of leader I wanted to be was someone who is conscious of myself…

Desert Botanical Garden - Phoenix, Arizona

Desert Botanical Garden – Phoenix, Arizona